23-26 september 2018


The International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies is an international community for national society on cleanrooms and contamination control. From each country only one society can be a member and represent their country. At the moment there are 19 members. One member even represents 4 countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland).

ICCCS members organise an international symposium every 2 two years in the even years, the International Symposium on Contamination Control.
ICCCS stimulates the development and exchange of cleanroom technology and contamination control courses and provides international accreditation to courses of members that fulfil the IEC guidelines.
ICCCS has an liaison with the TC209, the Technical Committee of cleanroom standard International meetings of ICCCS, IEC and TC209 are aligned yearly.

Visit the ICCCS website for more information.


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VCCN, the Dutch abbreviation for the Netherlands Contamination Control Association, is a professional platform run for and by professionals working in the field of contamination control.

VCCN actively promotes the sharing and transfer of knowledge in the field of contamination control. In order to stimulate the sharing and transfer of knowledge, we organise conferences, trade fairs and mini symposia on a regular basis with leading guest speakers from the field.

A second important function of the association is the optimisation of expertise relating to contamination control. In cleanrooms, contamination control depends on knowledge of every tiny detail. This is achieved by providing workshops, courses and certified training on the subject and use of cleanrooms. VCCN is the Netherlands’ only registered education institute in the field of contamination control.

Finally, VCCN is engaged in making an (inter)active contribution towards contamination control. The insights and techniques used in cleanrooms are the subject of constant change and development. VCCN contributes to this by publishing VCCN guidelines and working on ISO standards

Visit the VCCN website for more information.

Highlights of ISCCBRAZIL2016

Sponsored by SBCC-Brazilian Society of Contamination Control, took place in São Paulo between 20 and 23 September 2016 in Rebouças Convention Center, the 23rd edition of the global event ISCC (International Symposium on Contamination Control), the ISCCBrazil2016. The ISCC is a global event of ICCCS (International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies), entity which the SBCC is affiliated.

Read more about the highlights on their website.


If you have questions about sponsorship or the exhibition, contact Philip van Beek or T. +31 88 401 06 50. For any other questions, contact Paul van Rij or T. +31 88 401 06 50.


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